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Episode #12

Leadership in Tech

February 6, 2019

Rachel Rider joins Rochelle to chat about leadership in tech. New Versions released. Questions Answered about ELKs.


Episode #11

Elastic Recruiting

January 22, 2019

"How does Elastic recruit?", or "Source Code Sourcing."


Episode #10


December 5, 2018

Aaron and Marty talk trickle-down happiness.



Aaron Aldrich

Developer Advocate

Community Advocate, connecting people with boardgames, music and tech.

Mike Newswanger

Software Engineer

Mike enjoys solving problems, particularly those related to scale. He's worked in all parts of the application development lifecycle—from inception to deployment—and enjoy the challenges of creating secure, performant, resilient, and maintainable code and infrastructure.

Nohealani Wright

Sr. Manager, Global Employment Branding

Exploring everything, exercising for happiness and transforming careers at Elastic