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Episode #10

Support with Marty Messer

December 5, 2018

Marty Messer, VP of Customer Care, joins Aaron in person in our Mountain View office to talk about how Elastic approaches support. It's an often looked down upon engineering role vital to the success of any company. Marty approaches things backwards, subverts some norms with a "trickle-down happiness" approach to support and customer care. In the news: maintenance releases and pioneer programs. And Mike answers, "Why doesn't Elastic recommend installing on distributed file systems?"

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Episode #9

Elasticares with Kristina Paiz and Nohealani Wright

November 21, 2018

Kristina Paiz, ElastiCares programs manager, joins Rochelle to talk about why she decided to join Elastic to head up the ElastiCares program. We hear about how employees from all over, with all different interests and abilities are empowered to give back as they are able in ways that they care. We talk about donations and volunteer time. Nohealani joins a bit later to about our Source Code. But first, BIG NEWS for quite a big minor release! Mike and Aaron recap the 6.5 release of the Elastic Stack and we answer: what's the difference between a major and minor release in Elastic World anyway?

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Episode #8

NS1 with Christian Saide and Devin Bernosky

November 7, 2018

Christian Saide and Devin Bernosky of NS1 join Aaron and Mike to talk about what NS1 does and how they leverage the Elastic stack to provide data-driven DNS. The latest news regarding Elastic going public and changes to Kibana are mentioned and we answer the question: 'What is an availability zone in the context of Elastic Cloud?'

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Episode #7

Responsible Communication with Audrey Eschright

October 8, 2018

Audrey Eschright, author of 'The Responsible Communication Style Guide', joins Rochelle to discuss the important role identity has on inclusive communication. We answer the question: 'How many master nodes should I have?'

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Episode #6

Safecast with Mat Schaffer

September 26, 2018

Mat Schaffer joins us to discuss an open data project he's been working on called Safecast. Mike answers customer question: Can I perform a minor version upgrade on the cloud platform without downtime?

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Episode #5

Rally 1.0.0 with Daniel Mitterdorfer and Dimitrios Liappis

September 19, 2018

Daniel and Dimitris from the Elastic performance benchmarking team to discuss Elastic benchmarks and the internally developed tool Rally. We attempt to tackle the question of the week: "How many shards should I have?"

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Episode #4

Kibana Canvas with Rashid Khan

September 12, 2018

Rashid Khan joins Mike and Aaron to discuss the Canvas project in Kibana--a composable, extendable, creative space for live data. Aaron and Mike answer "What is the difference between Beats and Logstash".

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Episode #3

Egnyte with Kalpesh Patel

September 5, 2018

Kalpesh Patel joins us to discuss some of the technical details and challenges around the Egnyte platform. Aaron answers "What is a shard", and as always, we've got this week's upcoming community events.

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Episode #2

Cloud Sliders with Jonathan Halterman and Peter Brachwitz

August 29, 2018

Jonathan Halterman and Peter Brachwitz join us from Elastic to discuss a large release for our managed Cloud Elasticsearch SAAS platform; Mike and Aaron highlight some of the changes for the Elastic Stack 6.4.0 release; and the question of the week covers what managed services Elastic offers

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Episode #1

Stack Overflow SRE with Mark Henderson

August 22, 2018

Mark Henderson joins us from the Stack Overflow SRE team to discuss a bit about the SRE team, what Stack Overflow's SREs are responsible, and how Stack Overflow uses Elastic. We also cover our question of the week: Why does Elastic recommend not spanning multiple datacenters within a single Elasticsearch cluster?

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Episode #0


August 17, 2018

Teaser episode to announce The Elasticast

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