Cloud Sliders with Jonathan Halterman and Peter Brachwitz

Episode #2 | Published August 29, 2018

New features for the managed Cloud Elasticsearch platform!

Show Notes

Jonathan Halterman and Peter Brachwitz join us from Elastic to discuss a large release for our managed Cloud Elasticsearch SAAS platform.

To find out more information about the Hot-Warm architecture pattern or to try it yourself, you can read the release announcement.

Jonathan's book recommendation is Designing Data Intensive Applications. Peter's recommendation is Elements of Clojure.


The big news this week is the Elastic Stack 6.4.0 Release! Check out the official announcement for an overview or each of the products below for details:

Elastic Cloud Enterprise has released 1.1.5, which includes Elastic Stack 6.4.0 and some bug fixes.


Question of the Week

What managed services does Elastic offer?