Rally 1.0.0 with Daniel Mitterdorfer and Dimitrios Liappis

Episode #5 | Published September 19, 2018

Daniel and Dimitrios talk benchmarking Elastic apps and Rally--a tool they created for it.

Show Notes

Daniel Mitterdorfer and Dimitrios Liappis join from Elastic's performance benchmarking team to discuss benchmarking Elasticsearch and the merits of Rally, a tool created for benchmarking Elasticsearch.

You can check out information about our benchmarks as well as how we benchmark at Elastic here: https://benchmarks.elastic.co/index.html

If you're interested in trying out Rally, you can use the getting started sections of the documentation

Daniel also wrote a blog post with some additional tips on how to best benchmark Elasticsearch.

To read more about Brendan Gregg's USE method, read more on his blog.



Question of the Week

How many shards should I have?

It's a huge it depends question, but Elastic's official recommendations can be found here.