Elasticares with Kristina Paiz and Nohealani Wright

Episode #9 | Published November 21, 2018

6.5 is released, Kristina Paiz talks ElastiCares, Nohealani talks about our Source Code and what is the difference between a major and minor release in Elastic-land anyway?

Kristina Paiz, ElastiCares programs manager, joins Rochelle to talk about why she decided to join Elastic to head up the ElastiCares program. We hear about how employees from all over, with all different interests and abilities are empowered to give back as they are able in ways that they care. We talk about donations and volunteer time. Nohealani joins a bit later to about our Source Code. But first, BIG NEWS for quite a big minor release! Mike and Aaron recap the 6.5 release of the Elastic Stack and we answer: what’s the difference between a major and minor release in Elastic World anyway?



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Question of the Week

What’s the difference between a “major” and “minor” release?

Elastic’s “minor” releases can seem like “major” releases; they’re packed with new features, but they don’t introdue breaking changes! For more details about the differences (and our maintenance policy) take a look at our EOL page.