Support with Marty Messer

Episode #10 | Published December 5, 2018

Aaron and Marty talk trickle-down happiness.

Marty Messer, VP of Customer Care, joins Aaron in person in our Mountain View office to talk about how Elastic approaches support. It’s an often looked down upon engineering role vital to the success of any company. Marty approaches things backwards, subverts some norms with a “trickle-down happiness” approach to support and customer care. In the news: maintenance releases hot and fast on the heels of our major-minor 6.5, and the Elastic Pioneer program is active for 7.0, that’s right, Alpha 1 (and soon 2) is out! At the end, we answer the question “why doesn’t Elastic recommend installing on distributed file systems?”



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Question of the Week

[38:19] Why doesn’t Elastic recommend installing on distributed file systems?

A few reasons that mostly involve abstraction problems, distributed distribution and latency. Mike gives a detailed answer going over all the tricky bits.