Elastic Recruiting with Beth Hegarty and James Cahill

Episode #11 | Published January 22, 2019

"How does Elastic recruit?", or "Source Code Sourcing."

Beth Hegarty and James Cahill of Elatic’s Recruiting team join Nohealani and Aaron to talk about what Elastic Recruiters are thinking about when they’re trying to add to our teams. We discuss the the hard parts of the job, the rewarding parts and talk more about Elastic’s Source Code.

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Question of the Week

[30:56] I want to add capacity to my Elasticsearch cluster. Once I add more nodes, do I have to do anything for Elastic to start using them?

The short answer is no; the long answer is a resounding and unsurprising “it depends.” Largely this is all dependent on what sort of capacity you’re after, storage space or processing power. Mike tells us it’s all about shard allocation. For his answer, listen to the show and for more reading, see the below: