Leadership in Tech with Rachel Rider

Episode #12 | Published February 6, 2019

Rachel Rider joins Rochelle to chat about leadership in tech. New Versions released. Questions Answered about ELKs.

In the news, Elastic Stack v6.6.0 and Elastic Cloud Enterprise v2.1.0 are released with lots of new features. We’re no longer listing where we will be upcoming, unless you wanted that, write to theelasticast@elastic.co to let us know. Rachel Rider, of Digital Ocean and MettaWorks.io, joins Rochelle to talk about leadership roles in the world of technology. What mindset changes and skills are important when you start working more on people than your source code?

QOTW: What’s with the ELK, anyway? (Bonus: What ever happened to Elasticsearch v.3 and 4?)

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Question of the Week

[42:06] What’s the deal with the Elks? (Bonus: Whatever happened to Elasticsearch v.3 and 4?)

The Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) Stack became standard in conversations about log aggregation, but it didn’t describe all that we do, esepcially as Elastic adds Beats and APM and SIEM… So we talk about The Elastic Stack to encompass everything. Bonus: Version synchronicity eases woes of compatibility and conversation, but it means we had to skip some numbers to true up.