Developer Relations and Community with Chloe Condon, Jono Bacon, and Mary Thengvall

Episode #14 | Published March 13, 2019

Aaron sits down with Chloe Condon, Jono Bacon, and Mary Thengvall to talk about community in tech.

In the news; Elastic Support helps you mitigate the ‘runc’ vulnerability in ECE environments, a minor version is released with several bug and security fixes, and the Elasticsearch Service Private Subscription is now available in our Cloud services.

Aaron chats with Chloe Condon (@chloecondon), Microsoft Cloud Advocate; Jono Bacon (@jonobacon), consultant and community leader; and Mary Thengvall (@marygrace), Persea Consulting and author of The Business Value of Developer Relations about the state of Developer Relations. Listen to find out what community means to us and what it is we do and the value that provides for both the community members and the companies that employ us.


Question of the Week

[52:41] I have too many shards from filebeat, how do I reduce my shard count?!

Fix your configs for the future, but also: Shrink your indices!