7.x Release Extravaganza

Episode #15 | Published May 31, 2019

OMG so much new!!! Aaron and Mike discuss releases

It’s been a while, but Aaron and Mike are back and producing even more Elasticast. This episode they cover the hugeness that is the Elastic Stack 7.0 release, Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.2.x, a new beta release for App Search On Premises, and catch you up to the big news of licensing changes for security features. That is: more security features made free to use for both 7.x and 6.x stack users. We also tease at the brand new Elastic Cloud for Kubernetes! Stay tuned for more updates.”


Question of the Week

[??:??] We didn’t do this this week!

There’s lots fo reasons why we might not have a question of the week. Did we forget? Did we run out of questions? Why not both? If you have burning Elastic Stack questions, you know, something you just always wondered about but never had the opportunity to ask, let us know! Send us an email at theelasticast@elastic.co or find us on twitter @theelasticast!